Which markers can be used as early indicators of cardiovascular disease?
How can I best treat my patients based on their genetic profile?
Which SNPs are more prevalent in disease vs. healthy samples?
Has this sample been mixed up with another?

Next-Gen Genotyping (NGG)

NGG for Clinical Research

  • Coming Soon! Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Screening Panel (Research Use Only)
  • Coming Soon! YOUR Clinical Research Screening Panel. Work with Eureka Genomics to design your low-cost custom clinical research testing assay (Research Use Only)

Highly efficient and specific marker analysis provides a critical foundation for risk management and diagnostic development

How can I achieve better yield from my existing crops?
Which markers are associated with drought-tolerance in cotton?
How can I exploit plant genetics to improve pest resistance?
Is there a way to improve biofuel production from my crop?
How can I best manage my breeding populations?
Is there a way to rapidly identify disease in individual animals?
How can I reduce genetic risk in future populations?
How can I ensure that consumers are getting high quality food?

Next-Gen Genotyping (NGG)

NGG for Animal and Plant Science

Applications in AgBio enable flexible exploration of plant and animal genetics and relevance in commercial markets.

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1536 Eureka Genomics sample index compatible with 48 RPI Illumina index barcodes
Designed for amplicons under 250 bases
Do not need custom sequence data generation primers

NGS for CE Sequencing

Leverage NGS for CE-like data

The inexpensive per base cost of NGS make this an economical
alternative to CE Sequencing. Eureka Genomics indices can be broadly applied to any CE sequencing needs.

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How will gene polymorphisms contribute to inter-individual variability and influence treatment options?
Which variations in copy number are indicative of disease onset and progression?
How can I identify relevant SNPs in a non-model organism?

Next-Gen Genotyping (NGG)

NGG for Custom Research Design: Animal Health, Plant Science, Clinical Research

  • Coming Soon! YOUR Custom Design Screening Panel. Work with Eureka Genomics to design your low-cost custom testing assay
  • Highly flexible technology enables tailored design of custom panels
  • Test hundreds of SNPs for hundreds to thousands of samples using a single NGS flow cell

Generate targeted sequence information for the relevant markers to reduce inefficiency and only pay for the data that matters

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Genetic Assays and Diagnostics: Design, Testing, Analysis